Thursday, October 25, 2007

How To: AIX Networking

Network Administration on AIX

1.TCP/IP related daemon startup script

2.To view the route table
netstat -r

3.To view the route table from the ODM DB
lsattr -EHl inet0 -a route

4.Temporarily add a default route
route add default

5.Temporarily add an address to an interface
ifconfig en0 netmask

6.Temporarily add an alias to an interface
ifconfig en0 netmask alias

7.To permanently add an IP address to the en1 interface
chdev -l en1 -a netaddr= -a netmask=0xffffff00

8.Permanently add an alias to an interface
chdev -l en0 -a alias4=,

9.Remove a permanently added alias from an interface
chdev -l en0 -a delalias4=,

10.List ODM (next boot) IP con guration for interface
lsattr -El en0

11.Permanently set the hostname
chdev -l inet0 -a

12.Turn on routing by putting this in
no -o ipforwarding=1

13.List networking devices
lsdev -Cc tcpip

14.List Network Interfaces
lsdev -Cc if

15.List attributes of inet0
lsattr -Ehl inet0

16.List (physical layer) attributes of ent0
lsattr -El ent0

17.List (networking layer) attributes of en0
lsattr -El en0

18.Speed is found through the entX device
lsattr -El ent0 -a media speed

19.Set the ent0 link to Gig full duplex
(Auto Negotiation is another option)
chdev -l ent0 -a media speed=1000 Full Duplex -P

20.Turn off Interface Speci c Network Options
no -p -o use isno=0

21.Get (long) statistics for the ent0 device (no -d is shorter)
entstat -d ent0javascript:void(0)
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22.List all open, and in use TCP and UDP ports
netstat -anf inet

23.List all LISTENing TCP ports
netstat -na | grep LISTEN


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