Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Devices on AIX

Devices on AIX

Devices Information on AIX

1.List all devices on a system
Device states are: Undefined; Supported Device, Defined; Not usable
(once seen), Available; Usable

2.List all disk devices on a system (Some other devices are: adapter,
driver, logical volume, processor)
lsdev -Cc disk

3.List all customized (existing) device classes (-P for complete list)
lsdev -C -r class

4.Remove hdisk5
rmdev -dl hdisk5

5.Get device address of hdisk1
getconf DISK DEVNAME hdisk1 or bootinfo -o hdisk1

6.Get the size (in MB) of hdisk1
getconf DISK SIZE hdisk1 or bootinfo -s hdisk1

7.Find the slot of a PCI Ethernet adapter
lsslot -c pci -l ent0

8.Find the (virtual) location of an Ethernet adapter
lscfg -l ent1

9.Find the location codes of all devices in the system

10.List all MPIO paths for hdisk0
lspath -l hdisk0

11.Find the WWN of the fcs0 HBA adapter
lscfg -vl fcs0 | grep Network

12.Temporarily change console output to /console.out
swcons /console.out (Use swcons to change back.)

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