Monday, December 3, 2007

Router: Traffic Shaping

Traffic Shaping

class-map match-any IB-11.70
match access-group name IB-11.70
class-map match-any OB-11.70
match access-group name OB-11.70
policy-map To-Public
class OB-11.70
shape average 256000
policy-map To-Lan
class IB-11.70
shape average 256000
interface FastEthernet0
description ***LAN side***
ip address
service-policy output To-Lan
speed auto
interface Serial0
description *** To Public Serial 2/1 ***
bandwidth 2000000
ip address
service-policy output To-Public
load-interval 30
clockrate 2000000
ip route
ip access-list extended IB-11.70
permit ip any host
ip access-list extended OB-11.70
permit ip host any

The service is always in the OUTPUT policy.
Service Policy To-LAN is inbound of LAN.
Service Pplicy To-Public is outbound of LAN.

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